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Welcome to LumosDAO - Revolutionizing Decentralized Governance on the Stellar Network. Create, manage, and participate in DAOs seamlessly, with transparency and efficiency.

Why LumosDAO?

LumosDAO shines with its fair decision-making system. We calculate voting power considering user activity, token holdings, and wallet factors, setting us apart from others. Plus, our easy platform welcomes all projects, making DAO creation hassle-free.

For DAO Creators

1. Effortless DAO Creation:

Quickly set up your project's DAO, whether it's an existing Stellar token or a new token generated on LumosDAO.

2. Fair Governance:

Ensure fair decision-making with a sophisticated voting power algorithm that considers user activity, token holdings, and wallet factors.

3. Token Issuance:

Generate new tokens directly on LumosDAO and seamlessly set up their corresponding DAO.

4. Transparency:

Highlight approved wallets in the project's toml, fostering transparency in governance.

5. Customization:

Personalize your DAO with project details, logo, and description to reflect your identity.

For DAO Members:

1. Engagement:

Participate in discussions, vote on proposals, and influence your project's future.

2. Transparent Proposals:

Explore proposals created by fellow members, each representing ideas for the community's consideration.

3. Inclusive Decision-Making:

Experience a balanced voting system that factors in your activity and token holdings, ensuring your voice is heard.

4. Transparency:

Get recognized as a top voter for your active participation in shaping the DAO's direction.

5. Simple Interface:

Navigate a user-friendly platform that enables smooth interaction and engagement within your DAO.

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