How it works

For DAO Creators

  1. Open Navigate to the LumosDAO website.
  2. Connect Wallet: Click on the "Connect Wallet" button on the top right corner and choose from the available Stellar wallets. Hit "Connect Wallet."
  3. Home Page: After successfully connecting your wallet, you will land on the home page that displays platform stats and a list of existing DAOs.
  4. Create a DAO:
    • To set up a DAO for an existing Stellar token, enter the asset code and home domain. Make sure your connected wallet is authorized in the asset's toml file.
    • If you're issuing a new token, connect a second wallet to serve as the issuing address. Fill in the necessary details and click "Create DAO."
  5. Confirm Transaction: Confirm the blockchain transaction to create the DAO. LumosDAO will also automatically generate and host the asset's toml file.
  6. DAO Settings: After creation, you can edit the asset's toml at any time.

For Proposal Creators

  1. Join a DAO: Navigate to the DAO you wish to join and click the "Join" button. Confirm the transaction to automatically set up a trustline from your wallet to the DAO.
  2. Access DAO Page: Once you are a member, you can either create a new proposal or navigate through previous proposals.
  3. Create Proposal:
    • Click to create a new proposal.
    • Fill in the title, description, and attach any necessary files.
  4. Confirm Proposal: Validate and confirm the proposal. Voting will open for 5 days.

For Proposal Voters

  1. Join a DAO: If you are not already a member, join the DAO whose proposal you wish to vote on.
  2. Access Proposal: Navigate to the proposal you wish to vote on.
  3. Cast Vote: Choose between "YES" or "NO" and confirm your vote on the blockchain.
  4. Comment Section: After casting your vote, you can participate in the proposal's comment section.
  5. View Voting Power: LumosDAO displays the voting power calculated for each vote.
  6. Final Results: After the 5-day voting period, results are automatically calculated and posted on the proposal page.